Tech. Consultants

Technical service

  • Engine Inspection and Overhaul Service
  • Repair & Retrofit Service
    • - Crank Shaft, Engine Block etc
    • - Turbo Charger
    • - Electrical Parts
    • - Alpha Lubricator Retrofit
    • - Etc
  • Engine Modification

Reconditioning Service

  • Regeneration of marine spares and equipments.
  • Regeneration of cylinder heads, piston, piston crown,
  • T/C case & IHI VTR bearings, cylinder block etc.
  • Regeneration of eng. exh. valve & seats.
  • Reconditioning of Fuel Injector Nozzles, Fuel Pump Delivery Valves and Plunger/Barrels.
  • Tig and mig special welding.
Exhaust valve spindle Stellite gas welding
Maching cylinder cover- On the vertical lathe
Drilling piston crown-On the drilling machine
cylinder coverTIG Welding
Piston crown Plasma arc welding
T/C Casing-Metal spray
Piston rod-Metal spray
Piston crown submerged arc welding

Engine Overhaul

  • Whenever the vessel needs overhaul of engines and needs dry-docking in Korea shipyards for repair/maintenance, please feel free to contact us for consulting first.
  • Our staffs are well skilled and have good experiences of technical know-how especially for Russian Fishing Vessels and Korean Naval Warships.